PaDaDe - Utrecht

Kytopia - March 13th, 2014

Third day of our rehearsals. We’re trying to get back into the vibe…

Third day of our rehearsals

Somewhat awkwardly, we were trying to get back into the vibe of a creative process. Training for this project is kind of weird: we can’t really prepare any chord schemes or melodies or any of that stuff. So all we could do was jam. Analyse our choices while doing so. After two days of dwelling in a kind of ‘funky’ flow (‘funky’ is not really a positive thing in my book) something snapped: All the confused energy of not knowing what to expect combined with a sort of insecurity of taking initiative… it all balled together. It had to come out one way or another. This fragment is that moment.

Romain, our newest addition to the horn section, took it upon himself to lead us into a different vibe. Being somewhat restless, the orchestra was eager to jump in while keeping a safe distance from breaking the tension which was obvious to all of us. Ultimately, it was Niels on the keys who tipped us over the edge. All the confusion, the insecurity and tension which had been building up within us all, finally had a chance to break free. Around halfway through this jam, you can hear how Bram & Jori (both on drums) decide to no longer hold back and just go all out wrecking ball mode – and no, I’m not talking about Cyrus here! Everything that follows is basically an all-out release of energy leaning towards Blast Punk madness.

Because why the hell not.

A short disclaimer on the sound quality: I am truly sorry. Mistakes were made and since it’s a jam, we can’t really do another take. So instead of a full string and brass section, you will mainly hear trombone and cello. Oh well, the energy is still there. Enjoy!